about us

About Us

Miljulke is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, buy or sell goods and services online in bulk. By tapping on crowd-buying and reverse-auction, buyers enjoy low prices due to economies of scale and suppliers get to sell their products and services in bulk. Be part of this collective movement to save more on your purchase!!


Our Vision to United People by purchasing & selling of Mutual Goods , More than an marketplace we want us to grow as Collective Movement where people understand the power of unity & this Practice also will reflect in there day to day behaviour We want an United society without any discrimination


Our mission is to provide the tools that empower buyers to specify goods and services, without the need for specialized training, then aggregate demand from like-minded buyers before inviting sellers to compete for the right to supply the aggregated demand.


As a company, we value integrity and honesty and strive for continual improvement. We are committed to provide the tools that empower buyers to maximize their bargaining power for the "made-to-order" goods and services that they desire. We will provide an ever improving service to delight our customer base